What is Redline GG?

RedlineGG is the largest CS:GO community to get free CS:GO skins, keys and cases.
And we have something that makes us different from the rest. Appart from the drops you get on the idle server, you can get some more prizes by just playing on our servers!

How can I get free skins, cases and keys?

  1. Join our servers to win points on Redline GG. 1 minute on our servers = 1 point
  2. Visit the rewards page and choose the prize you want. We have cases, keys, skins, or even money!
  3. ????
  4. Profit!

What are idle servers?

CS:GO idle servers are community servers in which you won't get kicked if you go AFK. So you join the servers and you can do two things:
  1. Minimize CS:GO, and enjoy the drops while you do other things
  2. Kill the people who are AFK to earn achievements. You have infinite ammo and money!
Check out our list of idle servers
For more information you visit our support page